Sunday, August 06, 2006

Israel And the US

The more anti-Israeli elements associate Israel with the United States, the less safe this country will be.
Overall, the US is losing the war for Muslim hearts and minds. Without the trust of Muslims, the US will never make much progress in the war on terror.
And the main reasons we’re losing this battle for hearts in minds is the war in Iraq and the unquestioning support for Israel. We can invade and bomb as many Arab and Muslim countries as we want. But until the US tries to win more Muslim hearts and minds it is all an exercise in futility.
To be sure, the Arab world is filled with tribalism, violence, corruption ultra-puritanism, illogic and fanaticism which is far worse than anything seen the contemporary Western world.
But, neither our invasion of Iraq nor our support for Israel has done anything to reform the Arab world. And that is the bitter irony.
Israel was doomed from the start of it exsistance. It narrowly avoided defeat several time in its history. They are just living on borrowed time. Israel is in a classic "Zulu dawn" scenario. The barbarians are truly at the gate, and despite its power and enlighted society, it won’t last.
The US has sent Billions of dollars and weapons to Israel over the years. And what has the US gotten in return? Not much. A good trade arrangement perhaps, but not much else.


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