Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Passion Of The Anti-Semite

Not so long ago on South Park, Mel Gibson was portrayed as a raving lunatic with a strong martyr complex. Also, Cartman leads a Mel Gibson fan club which turns into a neo-Nazi group.
Apparently, they had it right, more or less. Did anyone who sat through The Passion of the Christ stop and think about what kind of person turns the story of Jesus into a blood drenched, anti-Semitic stuff flick with homoerotic and S&M overtones.? And what about Gibson’s silence on his father’s hideous Jew-bashing?
Mel Gibson is just another morally confused, dysfunctional, needy, undisciplined individual who uses the cloak of righteousness to hide his true nature. To put it simply, the guy has some major issues he’s trying to run away from. And, I wonder how such a person who claims to be so "moral" can drink while driving anyway.
And it’s almost amusing the way his fans try to defend him. It’s a classic case of the blind leading the blind.
His latest outburst should be filed next Tom’s Cruz’s rant against Psychology and Michael Jackson’s pedophilia. It may be curtains on his entire career. And the only one he has to blame is himself.


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