Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Most Revolutions Fail

The American Revolution was one of the few revolutions that worked. Ninety percent of revolutions throughout history have ended in disaster. Either a country falls into anarchy or another tyrannical ruler takes over. Most revolutions deserve no praise or Romanticism Revolution, first and foremost, is a form of war. And like all warfare, it is violent, brutal and unpredictable.
Revolution, like other types of war, should only be a last resort.
The neocons wanted a "revolution" in Iraq and look where that got us..
There are some striking parallels between the neo-cons and the radical left. Both want to make drastic and reckless changes in the world, regardless of the consequences. And they both had a romantic and delusional view of politics and revolution.
In a way this is suiting given that the Neo-Cons began as leftists. The same logic, after all of "you can’t make a perfect omlete without smashing a few eggs" still seems to apply.
And much like the far left of the sixties, they are white, upper middle class, intellectuals from politically stable nations. They spurn on others to violent and reckless action from the comfort of their living room chairs. And propagate the grand utopian schemes which others pay the price for


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