Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Big Lie

Dogma is the greatest lie ever conceived by man. The universe is a vast and uncertain place. No simple rules or belief system can possibly account for something so eginamic. It is impossible to distiquish between a belief and a delusion and between a holy man and a con-artist.
What virtually all modern religions have in common is the assumption that every person is of consequence to the universe and to those that may govern it. And that humanity has a special place in the cosmos. This is a profoundly arrogant and self serving perception. This relates to mankind’s need for importance.
But, the universe is so vast and ancient, we humans may mean nothing more to any conceivable God than fleas on the back of an elephant.
And if humanity were ever to evolve into something much more substantial, there are forces in the universe which would squat us with no more regard than one might have for a fly and any other pest.


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