Monday, November 20, 2006

Another Late Post

Gambling is an insipid foolish, and wasteful practice. The odds are stacked against the average gambler. And the biggest winners tend to be those who run and invest in casinos. So, one might assume I’m against issue 3, right? Wrong.
Gambling is an individual choice. It is not up to the government to tell people how they should spend their money. If people are foolish with their money, they don’t deserve to have it to begin with. There are plenty of other ways a person can squander their money. Such as internet porn, stock schemes, work at home scams, Ebay, ect.
Opponents of issue 3 seem oblivious to the fact that many Ohioans already go to Detroit and Windsor to gamble. And isn’t the lottery also a form of gambling?
And if people are going to gamble anyway, why shouldn’t the state receive tax revenue to support education?
So, this Tuesday, support individual choice and education. VOTE YES ON ISSUE 3!


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