Monday, November 20, 2006

A Muslem Takeover?

Some pundits have warned of a "Muslim takeover" of Western Europe. Many Muslims in Europe have indeed failed to integrate and thus many Muslims ghettos have become essentially "another country." But, Muslims comprise less then five percent of the population of most European countries. And, there are the beginnings of a significant backlash against immigrants from Muslim countries. Internment camps and deportation will accur long before Europe turns Muslim. Despite all the talk of Europe’s "political correctness" "moral relitivism" Europe still has a strong undercurrant of Xenophobia and Nationalism which seems to be on the increase. While the elites of Europe seem to be promoting tolerance, the citizenry of Europe are fearing and hating Muslims more than ever. After a few more terrorist attacks, and this will only increase.
And much of the Muslim world is very backwards in terms of economic, technological and scientific power. On top of this, Muslims societies have high birth rate which will create more shortages of food and water, and farther economic stagnation..
Some European countries indeed have a "birth dirth" but this can be counteracted by tax breaks for child-bearers, promoting foreign adoption and immigration from non-Muslim countries.
The irony of this fear of a Muslim takeover is that belittles the values and resiliency of the West. In essence, a point of view shared by many Muslims! And many right-wing conservatives are against sexual freedom, religious tolerance and gay rights. Does that sound familiar?
The two greatest forces of imperialism in the world today is the West and the Islamic world. Those who truly believe and freedom and liberty should reject both. Its odd the way some on the left denounce the West and Christianity(not to mention Israel) for being oppressive, warmongering and patriarchal yet soft-petal the oppressive nature of Islam. How can one denounce one type of oppression and not denounce another form of it?


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