Monday, November 20, 2006

Beginner's Mind

Buddists speak of the "beginner’s mind" in which a person lets go of preconceived ideas. The goal is to approach the universe with the wonder of a child, but with the wisdom of an adult. There is not formula or dogma or a particular way of life in which this can found. Everyone can only find it on their own. Enlightenment and harmony cannot be forced., Art, science and feeling can all be one. Everything in the world and the universe is laryed out before us, We must only open our eyes and awake to it. It is possible to have spirituality and rationality in the same moment. This is how we live to our true potential.
To be honest and unmittigated towards oneself and the world is the first step. And a sense of order, without narrow-mindedness, also must be put into play. This may not lead to perfection, but something close to it.
Harmony with the universe and other people cannot be found without harmony within one’s self.


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