Monday, November 20, 2006

Tortured Logic

Many nations who denounce the US human right record are hypocrites. What it the human rights record of Castro’s Cuba, for instance?
But, for the US to suspend habeas corpus for foreign nationals, to kidnap people and hold them without charges indefinitely and to "outsource" torture to undemocratic countries only emboldens those who hate the US.
When thing torture is effective at is making people talk. But, it does nothing to increase the probability of them telling the truth. Why, for instance, did the US government send out so many warnings that turned out to be false? And why did so many in the government think their were WMD’s in Iraq when there, of course, weren’t?
This policy is torturous for our foreign policy, our reputation and our ideals.
Advocating torture is not really about finding the truth, but giving the appearance of "getting tough" and "making the bastards pay." Its about vengeance and politics, not national security.


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