Monday, October 16, 2006

Moral Irony

What's bitterly ironic is that the US has the highest level of abortion and unplanned pregnancies in the industrialized world. And the other industrialized nation don't seem to have such a moralistic debate about sex education and birth control.
What the right in this country wants to do is to micro-manage people's sex life. They really don't believe in personal autonomy, especially in matters of sexuality. They denounce the left for engaging in "social engineering, yet are trying to do their own version of it.
But, they are fighting a losing battle. They've only succeeded in putting abstinence only programs in schools and reduce some federal funds for birth control. They don't want to admit they've already lost the "culture war".
Most American are slowly finding a balance between sexual freedom and sexual responsibility on their own. Our sexual morals are slowly becoming more like the rest of the industrialized world. And, its about time.


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