Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Terrorists Less Capable Than Nazis and Communists

There is problem with associating Islamic Terrorist with Nazis. In the late 1930's, Germany had the most powerful military in the world, with the most advanced weapons and a highly trained military. They also had one of the worlds strongest economies.
Comparatively, the military and economic capacity that the terrorists have is almost laughably anemic and backwards. They are bunch of pathetic renegades who use the scraps of the modern world in an ineffectual attempt to destroy it. They may indeed be morally equivalent too the Nazis, but, there capacity for destruction is much more limited.
The Nazi air force destroyed hundreds of buildings in London and slaughted over six million Jews.
The 9/11 hijackers destroyed just a few. And with planes they had to hyjack. It was indeed the most extreme terrorist ever witnessed, but compared with WWII, Korea, or Vietnam it was minor squirimish.
They can indeed make life harder, disrupt the global economy and kill quite a few innocent people. But, they really don’t have the capacity to destroy our civilization.
This is not to belittle the threat, and we must to everything necessary to reduce possibility of terrorist attacks. But, we also much not lose perspective, either.


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